Introduction to the Chronicle

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Introduction to the Chronicle

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:59 am

Vampire the Requiem, a game of modern gothic horror. We'll begin with brief glimpses of our mortal lives, the daily routines that took for granted air cycling through our lungs, hearts beating in our chests, the sun's rays falling across our faces, and knowing only the innocent politics of the daily news. From there, we'll chronicle the moments leading up to your Embrace, the moment one of the damned passes on her or his cursed lineage to you whether out of love and kindness or jealousy and hatred, or perhaps just the pale reflections of both. Transformed into a monster hiding in plain sight, how will you cope? Will you leave your old life behind or embrace it with new (nightly) fervor? Will you bask in the feral joys of the undead beast within you, or will you rise to heights of virtue few mortals ever aspire to? How will you navigate the existential realities of your existence, stealing blood for feigned life and stealing yourself against the pull to do more (and inevitably failing)? And how will you interact with your fellow monsters, who's very presence provokes the instict to flee or fight? Will you weave webs of seduction, betrayal, and intrigue within Kindred society or will you become the nomad in the city?

The chronicle will be set in the present day, New York City. I like to make the game more or less sandbox with an overarching metaplot, meaning that there will be "events" all over the city and your characters' choices will determine which ones you become involved in and how. I'll do my best to make it fun and engaging for all. Mature players please: It's awesome to have a game where we can touch on tough moral and ethical issues and things like depravity, social problems (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.), sexuality, and so on in a mature, mutually respectful environment. Just as a caveat Smile

Bring ready-made characters to the first meeting if you'd like or we'll walk through character creation with you. If at all possible, read the essentials of the World of Darkness core rulebook and Vampire the Requieum. FYI: I reward extra starting experience points to players who bring well thought-out character concepts and backgrounds (this isn't required of course, just incentive).
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