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Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Sat May 07, 2011 4:55 pm

Hey Ying - From what you told me last week about what your character did in the last two weeks, here's some updated information for you:

1. The day after the explosion, the New York Post ran a story about the now-deceased former governor Eliot Spitzer. It claimed to have "first-hand, insider footage" of the scene of the bombing depicting Spitzer with his young lover, her name and information have not yet been determined. It also quotes several witnesses at the scene who claim a group of at least 5 individuals were seen exiting the building a few minutes after the explosion went off who a police source suspects were involved in the bombing. No descriptions have been given beyond that the group appeared to consist of one older Jewish man with a long beard, one middle-aged man, one young woman with dark hair carrying what looked like a sketchbook, a late-20's looking man with a musical instrument case on his back, and another middle-ages man with straight-combed black hair being led by an Asian woman described as "very elegantly dressed." The Post is offering a cash reward for any information relating to these individuals and have noted that the police are also on the lookout for individuals matching this description.
- Other newspapers who ran follow-up stories note that the police believe several personal items belonging to the late Spitzer appear to be missing, including some divorce documents, a few pieces of jewelry, and some pieces of identification from the young woman at the scene (no wallet or purse was found).

2. As you went about your business the last few weeks, you've gotten the distinct impression on several occasions that someone is following you. You even saw a flash go off at least twice, suggesting someone might've taken a picture of you but you were never able to apprehend who it was.

3. Your artwork, which you've been showing around to different connected arts people, has finally caught the attention of one Pierre Lacombe, curator of a small nouveau gallery down in Chelsea. He especially likes the piece you did of the subway tunnel with the 'rainbow' psychic impression. He's going to showcase that and one other piece that you select at a reception in the near future.

4. Oracle Mehrunisan has sent Fermat, her 'envoy' (i.e., her sherif), to commission a portrait of her to be displayed at Elysium. Your choice whether to accept or decline, though there are consequences for both.
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