** Story Recap ** Session 1

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** Story Recap ** Session 1

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:04 pm

We began with Arthur Jones (Christian), a century old Kindred who while walking through Central Park came upon his sire being beaten by agents of Manhattan's Kindred Prince, Genevieve. He chose not to intervene (which impressed someone...) and earned (or cursed) him with the title of Hound for the Prince. Meanwhile, Owen Monteleone (Russell) and Belsen (Ashley), both relatively young vampires, were meeting with Eleazar (Mike) at the Slaughtered Lamb when the lights abruptly went out and the group discovered an unscrupulous kindred feeding, leaving two corpses in her wake. They tried to pursue the interloper but the Prince's enforcers of the masquerade (the code of secrecy which binds all vampires) arrived, mystically ushered all the mortals out, and charged the trio with willful violation of the masquerade. Brought before the Prince, they were granted clemency but ordered to work for Arthur on a mission of utmost importance.

We left off right as Arthur leads the group back to his Haven (location TBD). Before he left Elysium, he was slipped a note which read: "The 1 train. Downtown. Midnight." Eleazar's scrutiny (via Auspex) revealed that the Prince herself had written the note in a mixed state of fear and ambition...
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