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Masquerade Game

Post  static on Wed May 11, 2011 1:02 am

I know I won't be making it to the June 2nd game, so I thought for the time being we may be able to bounce around ideas for the Masquerade game here.

As for me, I intend to bring a Setite to the table. However, as close as I can be to making a Setite in the Sabbat, but without being a Serpent of the Light. I'm even going so far as to give the guy the Unconvinced flaw, in regard to his Clan's claimed divinity.

He's a pusher of vice, and would be eager to sell (or acquire) things for others or his Sabbat Pack. True to the serpent in the Garden of Eden motif, he'd encourage independent thought and action, for one's own delusions of freedom, or just to stick it to the sleeping ancients that the Sabbat war against.

If you folks want to share character ideas, think up potential ties (if its a Sabbat game, we'll probably start out as a cohesive Pack) or whatever, feel free to blab here, I suppose. Smile


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