** Story Recap ** Session 7 (May 8th)

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** Story Recap ** Session 7 (May 8th)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Wed May 11, 2011 12:44 pm

Mayhem at Columbia University.

Players at this session: Mike (Eleazar), Christian (Arthur), Dave (Void), Russell (Owen), and Ashley (Belden).

Plot: Eleazar had taken the opportunity the preceding weeks to investigate the rabbi who he had discovered was taking advantage of young children at his synagogue in Manhattan. Eleazar had successfully learned the name of the rabbi and tracked him down to his brownstone home in East Williamsburg where he waited for the right moment and then let himself into the building. Once inside, Eleazar scrutinized the occupants' minds and eventually confronted the rabbi in his study, forcing a teary confession out of the man at knife-point. Having scared the rabbi shitless, the penitent father revealed to Eleazar a diary kept of his shameful deeds. Eleazar called the police to the scene and then left (after giving one of the rabbi's children the fright of a lifetime). Eleazar then skulked out of the home and rendezvous'd with the rest of the group.

The other characters--Void, Arthur, Belden, and Owen--meanwhile set out from Arthur's haven on their task to find the source of the demonic corruption at Columbia University (as they had been tasked to do by Oracle Mehrunisan's "Wyrm" [the Oracle's name for top seneschal], Fermat). Void armed the rest of the group with his substantial stockpile of small arms and munitions.

When the taxi carrying the four-kindred motley stopped at a light in Astor Place, a curious event took place: The crowd, composed of NYU students, drifters, and East Village locals, began chanting "fuil amar" over and over again, all facing the same building at the West end of the square. Void, Arthur, and Russell detected the supernatural influence of several kindred at work but didn't learn anything further. After a few moments, the chanting died down and the group dispersed, laughing somewhat nervously. Just before the taxi took off again on its way uptown, a young man approached the cab and upon seeing Owen, dropped him a small letter as if acting under a post-hypnotic suggestion. The note simply read: "The War has begun. Choose your allegiance."

The rest of the trip up to Columbia U. was uneventful. The four made their way onto the campus and proceeded to the library. As they made their way to the library's entrance, a stunning, immaculately dressed tanned woman--arm in arm with an older man--emerged from the building. Arthur and Void's mystic sense revealed she was no ordinary mortal (albeit with like Striking Looks 10): Arthur's insight, in particular discovered the grotesque form of a tall, horrific, quadrupedal entity inhabiting the poor woman. Arthur decided to directly confront the demoness. Upon being 'found out', the abomination immediately entered a contest of wills to usurp Arthur's undead body. Arthur resisted with almost divine strength, not only defeating the would-be possessor but driving 'it' out of the woman with a bone-chilling scream that left the freed woman sobbing on the ground. The demon cast about in its immaterial twilight form and then tried to possess Belden. Owen, however, had other plans for the powerful spirit and successfully invoked his voudun arts to draw the demon into a specially-prepared satchel. A crowd of onlookers, who recognized the woman as Assistant Dean Sharyah Shah, were dispersed by Belden's domineering presence.

The group continued into the library, Arthur shouldering the weeping Sharyah; by this time, Eleazar had also arrived on the scene and joined the others. As they were approaching the library entrance, Professor Tai-Heng Cheng (International Law & Policy, if anyone cares Smile ) exited and confronted the group, demanding to know who they were and what was wrong with the Assistant Dean. Arthur's patience wearing thin, 'patted' the professor on the back, mystically tainting the poor man's coat with a deadly poison similar in effect to mustard gas. Professor Cheng didn't make it into a lavatory before he began coughing and vomiting uncontrollably as the horrified students in the library, from behind their glass windows, watched in awe or ran off shrieking. Eleazar, Arthur (with Sharyah), and Void used the distraction to finally make their way to the basement floor of the library to the entrance leading to the underground. Belden and Owen weren't so lucky and were stopped by armed campus police who attempted to arrest both of them and succeeded in placing them in handcuffs before Belden invoked Nightmare and sent the guards of in a fit of abysmal fear, but not before one of them got off two shots from his gun which struck Belden straight in the chest. Owen and Belden rushed into the library as the previous crowd Belden sent away had already returned, cell phone cameras armed and recording.

Finally together again, Void larceny'd his way past the door leading downstairs (after dispersing a couple of faux-goth 'admirers' who had followed Belden and Owen). Eleazar took point and led the group to what he sensed was the emanating source of 'evil' in the area. This led them into a vast underground pitch-black labyrinth, at the center of which laid a rectangular room with an old fashioned arched wooden door. The presence of maleficarum was palpable and door itself seemed to whisper blasphemy. Eleazar attempted to consecrate the door when it flew open... and revealed a portal to Hell itself (or the closest thing to it in existence). It's gaping maw, which showed each of the kindred their own personal horrific vision ranging from a mass of screaming faces in a vortex of undying fire to a visceral mash of soil and insects with the faces of the dead, pulled at both body and soul, rending Humanity from the group's undead frames as it tried to consume their flesh. A hellish tug of war ensued as Eleazar prostrated himself to g-d and prayed for salvation and intervention. After a struggle which seemed endless, Eleazar's power (or faith) closed the mouth of the void. Arthur and Owen for separate reasons were 'out of range' of the infernal manifestation and remained unaffected while Eleazar, Void, and Belden--despite regaining their eviscerated Humanity--were each left with temporary marks on their souls (in the form of derangements).

In the hallway outside the cavernous depths, Arthur comforted the still utterly distraught Sharyah. An unimposing janitor passed by the pair and Arthur received the distinct impression that someone--or something--was blinding him to a terrible realization...

* * *
And that is where we are! For those who weren't at last weeks session, feel free to post anything your character would like to have done during this time in the Downtime thread (subject to approval of course).
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