** Story Recap ** Session 8 (May 22nd)

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** Story Recap ** Session 8 (May 22nd)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:35 am

One plot thread is resolved! And another begins...

Players: Dave (Void), Russell (Owen), Ashley (Belden).

Plot: These fortunate kindred had barely survived their encounter with the portal to... a particularly nasty realm of one kind or another. Belden and Void (and Eleazar, who subsequently left to attend to his meditations), who had both lost all or part of their appendages, commiserated in the hallway outside the catacomb-like basement below Columbia U. Void, who after speaking to Arthur (Christian) was informed of the latter's mysterious encounter with an mystically inscrutible janitor, took off to find the same before he got away. It didn't take long for Void to catch up to his quarry; Void used his powers of mystical disguise to render himself into the image of who the janitor would most expect to see... And took on the visage of the trembling Sharya Shah, former thrall of the demon Nihasa Nina. Upon seeing Void, the janitor--with a penetratingly imposing gaze--locked eyes and began speaking in impossibly low, blasphemous tones. Void, unable to respond in kind save with a few nods, turned to leave when the 'janitor' initiated a struggle of discipline versus infernal numina and another round of combat began. Void ran to join the others, taking the "janitor"--whose visage shuffled between the countenance of a typical, wiry service man and a tall, downright scraggly, charred demonic wireframe sporting tattered wings and a skin punctuated with pock marks each containing a whispering mouth--with him where he, Belden, Void, and Arthur engaged the fiend.

Owen, meanwhile, finally regained his self-control after Celerity'ing himself all the way to Times Square under the spell of Rotschrek. He immediately sought out a cab and barreled his way back up to the campus.

The battle between Belden, Void, Arthur, and the possessed janitor took no longer than a few moments, the demon little match to Belden's deftness and Arthur's contagiousness. By the time Owen arrived, Belden and Arthur had bested... "it"... the prone figure of an ordinary middle-aged man lying broken and battered on the ground. Mystical sight, however, clearly saw the demonic possessor trapped within the body, fighting to free itself and take action but to no avail.

Arthur decided to go back to his haven with the still weeping Assistant Dean Sharya Shah [i.e., the Storyteller didn't want to NPC his character anymore ]. The rest of group, after debating a bit, decided to take the unconscious body of the janitor to Central Park to perform an exorcism (with the hope of capturing this demon as well to add to Owen's burgeoning 'collection' Cool ). The group traveled through Central Park without incident, reaching the 'castle' at the center. Unfortunately, some kind of live action theater group was already strumming instruments and reading from Shakespeare around a fire. Owen dispatched the group by sending them on a "quest" for "the Golden Fleece." The group took off chanting "Fleece! Fleece! Fleece!" Inside the castle, in the central 'chamber', they laid the janitor on a wooden table adorned with vudoun spiritual symbols. The ritual began: Owen chanted around the janitor's body as the demon within struggled for dominance. After some back and forth, Owen prevailed and eventually drove the demon out of the janitor's body in a violent fit but was unable to capture it before it was dragged into whatever infernal place from whence it came.

With this done, the group met up with Oracle Mehrunisan's Wyrm, Fermat, who was decidedly impressed, earning the group some additional 'status' for their efforts...
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