** Story Recap ** Session 9 (June 5th)

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** Story Recap ** Session 9 (June 5th)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:51 am

"Ding, dong the Prince is dead..."

Returning Players: Dave (Void), Russel (Owen), Ashley (Belden).
New Players: Maria (as Kate, an enigmatic new arrival...) and Christian (as his *new* character, Jumble Jim, nosferatu disc-jockey extraordinaire!)

Plot: Several days have gone by since the group's success as Columbia University. Unfortunately, news of their heroism (self-interested though it may have been) has gone largely unnoticed after the local news media played up reports of the chaotic scene in front of the library. The news reported that International Law professor Tai-Heng Cheng still remains in critical condition after a mysterious ailment caused him to vomit up nearly his entire intestinal tract; witnesses reported that a quintet of curiously pale individuals were seen talking to the victim only moments before and that two of them even resisted arrest, sending two security guards running in terror. Columbia University has yet to comment on the mysterious disappearance of its Assistant Dean Sharya Shah who was last seen being escorted out of the university library by a man sporting a cane and decidedly 'retro' attire. Combined with the heightened terrorist alert after the two "bombings" in Midtown and the Lower East Side, the police are urging anyone with information on mysterious individuals--including members of the group who's sketches have been released (only Arthur's vaguely resembles him)--to come forward.

Minor preceding events include Owen's arrest for public indecency after being discovered dancing nude with his new improv-actor herd in Central Park (he of course was able to escape arrest with prodigious use of Obfuscate). Void, meanwhile, continued conducting searches of the subway tunnel between Dekalb Ave. and Jay St.-Metrotech in Brooklyn to look for those strange individuals and their characteristic 'rainbow' visages. Belden took to his contacts and continued to work on his latest book editing project which is coming close to completion...

Several days later, Owen and Belden each received phone calls: Belden from Prince Genevieve herself (or so the voice claimed...) and Owen from Wyrm Fermat (of Oracle Mehrunisan's court). Each told their respective audience that their presence was requested at a 'neutral' location in the city, namely club Crimson on 21st and Broadway. Owen and Belden begrudgingly agreed to come. Meanwhile, Void, while scouring the tunnels, picked up the trail of one of the strange interlopers and followed him onto an uptown R train going towards Manhattan. The mysterious stranger got off at the 23rd Street station and Void followed, observing the shape entering Crimson several blocks away.

Owen and Belden each arrived at Crimson at the appointed hour. Once inside, Owen, Belden, and Void realized that all of their disciplines were nullified and unusable--Dave's obfuscation ended abruptly as he passed through the entry curtains. Inside the ornate club, Wyrm Fermat approached all three and beckoned them to accompany her. The trio took the elevator to the top floor and entered a room with a circular marble table at which Prince Genevieve, Oracle Mehrunisan, and a host of other kindred--likely Primogen--were seated. An old appearing kindred took to the center of the room and called the Majlis to order. The Oracle and the Prince exchanged notes delivered by their respective charges, the last of which nearly sent Genevieve into a frenzy, storming out of the room with her entourage. TV screens on the wall of the room showed a large building on fire with the caption reading: "Aggravated arson committed on Harlem housing project." Wyrm Fermat seemed quite pleased with herself until she changed the channel and saw a news report of another building set ablaze, this time in Astor Place. The Oracle led her followers out and Owen, Dave, and Belden followed.

Meanwhile, Kate, who was hunting vermin in Harlem, began tracking a group of gang members who passed by in at least half a dozen vintage 1950's Camaros on their way to something... 'important'... or so it seemed. Kate followed them and, seeing an opportunity to cultivate a herd (and a private security force to boot), interjected herself appropriately to the largest of the Dominicans. After an impressive display of martial talent (the gang was skeptical at first at the sight of a respectfully dressed young woman declaring her desire to join-up) the leader told her to jump into the car with the rest as they speed off to a 'job' downtown.

As they exited the club, gunfire echoed through the air and hit Fermat, who rushed over to protect the Oracle. Kate's car pulled up moments after (knocking Belden squarely on his ass in the process) and a gun battle ensued. Void rushed over to protect the Oracle while Owen managed several impressive shots with his pistol aimed at the snipers who had been positioned on nearby rooftops. Both Belden and Kate attempted to use their powers of awe and nightmare to shepherd the battling mortals, to no avail. It was then that the lid on a nearby cargo elevator opened up, revealing--with an accompanying blaze of arcane glory--the tall, masked figure of Jumble Jim ascending to street level. He implored the nearby kindred to follow him and escape the mayhem around them. Much to his dismay, the only response he got was the attention of the semiauto-toting gang members--by this point two rival gangs had positioned themselves on either end of the club, one on Broadway, the other on 5th Avenue, exchanging fire down the narrow block between them--who opened fire on his majesty. With a "fuck this shit", Jim descended back from whence he came but not before using the power of his blood to send Kate--and her gang buddies--into a blind frenzy. Eventually Prince Genevieve herself arrived, accompanied by a battle-hardened group of Mekhet, laughing as the Oracle cowered beneath a nearby car. Then, the Oracle's backup arrived: An equally toughened group of Gangrel who set themselves upon Genevieve's guards. Before Jim had completely left the area, however, he pitted his will against the Oracle's, knocking her unconscious in a victorious demonstration of willpower.

Wyrm Fermat seized the opportunity she had been apparently waiting for since god knows how long: She set herself upon her soon-to-be-former prince, draining the Oracle of her vitae and taking her very soul--wailing and screaming (if ephemerally)--into her own in an orgasmic revelry the likes of she had never felt. Prince Genevieve began laughing and laughing, her bitter rivalry ended by shameless betrayal.

Seeing that this might be a good time to leave, Owen turned to walk away after grabbing the ghoul chicken he had loosed early on and Belden followed suit. Void, meanwhile, climbed to the roof above club Crimson. Owen, witnessing the Prince's victory, walked over to Genevieve and co., congratulating them on a job well done while Belden cautiously surveyed the nearby scene. (Kate, by this point, had run herself into the East River before regaining control of her faculties).

The night was not yet over however: Once atop the roof of the club, however, Void pulled out none other than the white phosphorous grenade he had toted for just this occasion, which he tossed at the Prince's impromptu revelry. Owen's perceptual alacrity spotted the flying grenade and he rushed with all deliberate Celerity to grab Prince Genevieve. The grenade went off. All the Prince's Mekhet were literally vaporized, the nearby mortals instantly burned from the white-hot explosion, and the 5+ cars they had driven errupting into meteoric balls of fire. Owen's speed saved him from Final Death, but not Prince Genevieve; Owen found himself clasping the cold, dead hands of the former ruler of Manhattan (which immediately crumbled to ash). Owen succumbed to Rotschrek and fled down Broadway, killing 7 mortals before regaining his composure in front of Fulton Street in the Financial District.

The Gangrel who had arrived in support of Mehrunisan, not knowing exactly what to do next, packed up and prepared to leave. One of them met Belden's gaze however and he commanded the feral warrior to strike at Wyrm Fermat. Still lost in the revelry of her heinous act, Fermat did not notice the galloping gangrel--claws extended to impossible lengths--until it was too late. With but two swift strokes, Fermat's smiling face crumbled to ash.

The final tally: 2 dead Princes, at least 6 dead kindred, 20+ mortals, and 6 vintage Shelbys destroyed.
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