** Story Recap ** Session 10 (June 12)

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** Story Recap ** Session 10 (June 12)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:23 pm

A City Under Siege.

Players: Christian (as Jumble Jim), Ashley (Belden Walls), Maria (Kate), Dave (Morris Lantern), Ying (Shannon), and Mike (as his Holiness The Eleazar).

Plot: There is no prince of Manhattan nor Brooklyn. The power vacuum grows hungrier with each passing night. Yet no one has yet stept up to claim the borough...

The mortal world received a shock not felt since 9-11 and is now under siege. Parties unknown set off a bomb in the Montague Street tunnel connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan via the N and R trains. The bomb killed over 400 people and injured about the as many with no one claiming responsibility. The bombings in Midtown, the Lower East Side, Harlem, and Astor Place--not to mention the bizzarre explosions set off close to the Flatiron Building--built up the political will and in the political turmoil that followed the tunnel bombing, the presidential decision was made--supported by a unanimous Congress--to send in the military to occupy New York City. Tanks stalk the streets, M-16 armed soldiers patrol every avenue, and armed checkpoints are setup at every bridge, tunnel, and station leading to and from Manhattan.

The group--who had been involved indirectly in several of the preceding events--decided to meet at The Slaughtered Lamb to discuss strategy. Joined by an uncertain neonate Kindred, Kate (who Belden had a certain 'reaction' to), the group conversed. No sooner had the group arrived when a squad of soldiers pulled up and took up positions outside the bar. The leader instructed all patrons to remain where they are so ID's could be checked and a routine inspection performed. All the patrons complied except for the group whom Morris Lantern concealed under his cloak of night. Unfortunately, his mystical shielding did not go unnoticed by the leader of the military forces, who put in a call for "reinforcements." A few moments later a black sedan pulled up, depositing a tightly knit group carrying sophisticated surveillance equipment and armaments, some of whom wore strange purple-tinted goggles and others carrying grenades of some form and a large metal suitcase.

Prior to this, Jumble Jim had enountered the young Kate in a tunnel leading to New Cerveteri, the necropolis beneath Manhattan's Midtown, and had begun exerting his "magnetism" on her, bringing her into the fold of the kindred society deep beneath the streets of New York. After an initial tour, Jim led Kate to the Slaughtered Lamb, a favorite feeding location. Jim watched her, remaining obfuscated, as she joined the rest of the coterie. However, once the military police arrived, Jim decided to take a closer look and skulked his way over to The Slaughtered Lamb, triggering his power of Dread and blanketing everyone in sight with an almost palpable foreboding.

The newly arrived 'special' team began scrutinizing the patrons of the bar. When Morris and Belden decided to create a distraction by sending one of the bartenders into a Dominate-induced panic, they dropped the Cloak of Night concealing Kate at the most inopportune time imaginable, literally as Kate was at the feet of the specialist team leader who took her into handcuffs and escorted her outside. One of the team members pulled out a curious looking device, pointed it at the crowd, and activated it, bringing all the mortals in the area to their knees in dizzyness and confusion while all the kindred in the bar suffered a far worse effect: Each and every vampire began violently ejecting blood through almost every orifice, blanketing nearby mortals in a shower of undead vitae. Arthur Jones erupted his dreaded power of poison which almost instantly filled the bar, killing every mortal in the room within seconds (leaving the two remaining 'specialists' standing but still affected even behind their full body suits, breathing masks, and goggles). Eleazar evoked the vice of the specialist holding the device; unlucky for him, the man's vice was Wrath and he set immediately about hunting the kindred in the bar with his nefarious "Bleeder." The man was no match of El-Z's quick knifery at close range and was dispatched. Arthur took the gun and the group headed down a grate in the back storage room of the bar leading straight to the sewers.

Belden, seizing upon a golden opportunity, stayed behind posing as a corpse (alongside the other 40 or so dead mortals in the bar). Maria, still handcuffed, was put into the military truck and haled away... however, Owen, who had remained mystically concealed under his own powers, stowed away as well...
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