** Story Recap ** Session 2

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** Story Recap ** Session 2

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:07 pm

The group--Arthur (Chris), Eleazar (Mike), Belsen (Ashley), and Owen (Russell)--stayed the night at Arthur's haven below a clinic in Chinatown. The next evening, the group set out to take the train as the Prince instructed. After an uneventful trek, between 59th and 72nd St. (on the 2) another apparently hunger frenzied vampire started slaking his thirst in one of the train cars. The group responded by incapacitating the masquerade violator. Belsen ushered all of the frightened mortals out of the car via Dominate while Arthur saved the life of a nearly exsanguinated elderly man, turning him into a ghoul in the process. Upon leaving the train, the group encountered two mysterious envoys of an unknown charge in control of the subway system. They traded the staked body of the Prince's First Seneschal, Anastasia, for the apprehended masquerade violator. After fighting off a feral vampire that the envoys had loosed beforehand and were unable (or unwilling) to call off, the group reported to Prince Genevieve who--along with her second Seneschal, Ariel--were shocked, to say the least, that Anastasia was still 'alive'. The group was awarded Status for their efforts and given the protracted task of making peace with this mysterious power inhabiting the subways.

The session ended with several subplots developing including Eleazar's discovery of a rabbi at a local congregation who is preying on young girls and Arthur's discovery of a demon-worshipping cult operating below the Columbia University School of Medicine (Eleazar also became involved in this at the end).
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