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Alright ladies and gentle-leeches (and by that I mean vampires),

The dark and twisted blood magics of Theban Sorcery and Cruac are found in the Vampire: The Requiem main book. However, some of you have expressed interest in the wonder that is voodoo. I did my research and I found exactly that, but voodoo for vampires! Fun for the whole coterie!

The information for Kindred Vodoun can be found in Vampire: The Requiem's Ancient Bloodlines book, page 73.

Its called Kindred Vodoun, and, like actual Vodoun, a practitioner petitions a Loa to 'ride' their body and bestow upon them power. However, as the Kindred are walking, talking, blood-sucking undead monsters who walk a path neither living nor dead, most Loa wouldn't give them the time of day (maybe sunrise just to mess with them). Except three.

Ghede: Lord of death, keeper of graveyards, dweller at the crossroads. He's an easygoing but responsible Loa, and is placated with his favorite cigars, rum, and really good food.

Papa Legba: Dweller of the in-between, intermediary between man and spirit, guardian of the gateway to the Other Side. Like anyone who has a tough job like that, he enjoys coffee (black and strong), tobacco, and roasted corn or peanuts so he won't be too distracted with his security guard duty.

Kalfou: The 'big bad.' Patron to bokors (left-handed magcians), Loa of bad luck, black magic, and misfortune. He represents the 'evil' side of chaos, and can teach his priests how to make the infamous 'voodoo' dolls. Favorable offerings for him are incense, sugar and raw meat.

The ritual Discipline for Kindred Vodoun is called Rapport, and for every level (or dot) you have in Rapport, you earn a free ritual of your choice. However, if you intend to gain Rapport 3 or higher, you MUST choose one of those three Loa as your patron, and can only learn the higher powers from that patron Loa.

For instance, say you are at Rapport 2 in Kindred Vodoun. You would know one free level 1 ritual, one free level 2 ritual, and any number of other 1-and-2-level rituals that you've chosen to spend the experience for.

However, you want to gain the third level in Rapport so that you can create a zombi servitor. That requires you placate yourself to Ghede in whole, and choose Ghede as your patron Loa. Henceforth, you're considered a houngan or 'high priest' of Ghede, barring you from the higher mysteries of the other Loa.

Mechanically speaking, performing a ritual is an extended action and requires rolls of Presence + Persuasion + Rapport, to beseech the help of the Loa you are calling, and gain their influence or blessing.

I know that there are much more Loa than those three. The justification is that those three Loa are most likely to treat with beings neither living nor dead, and suffering a 'curse' of unlife all the same. Some Loa don't like the fact that undead monsters are calling to their compatriots. Baron Samedi, for instance, is a Loa of Death, like Ghede. However, the Baron is only interested with bringing the dead to their just rewards. The in-between doesn't concern him apart from the road to and from the living and the dead. And if a Ghede houngan is busy messing with ghosts, how will Samedi bring them to their rightful rest?

Back to the Vodoun as a Discipline. Each Loa has their strengths and their rituals, and is easy flavor for any Kindred interested in such spooky aspects of magic. Ghede deals with ghosts, decay and death. Papa Legba influences spirits and languages, and Kalfou operates hexes with unmatched skill.

But inviting the Loa to inhabit you always comes with a price. Sometimes the offerings placate the spirit. Sometimes... sometimes the Storyteller makes something unexpected (and voodoo-awesome) happen. Who can say?


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Nice man, loving 'it.
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