** Story Recap ** Session 3 (March 27th)

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** Story Recap ** Session 3 (March 27th)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:40 pm

This is a big one!

New players this session (welcome): Shannon (a Daeva, played by Ying), Void (aka Morris Lantern, a "Mekhet"; played by Dave), Komiko (Fujitsu??) (a Ventrue Sotoha, played by Cam), Marc Blanche (a Mekhet, played by Chris D), and then now famous Ivan Ibn Amar (a Gangrel Taifa, played by Anthony).

1. Arthur and Eleazar caught a kindred ("Dan") fleeing from the Columbia U. catacombs and interrogated him on the way to elysium. Belden mesmerized him and extracted information about the cult, Saveedrana, who apparently are trying to summon a powerful demon called "Nihasa-Nina". Brought him to elysium where the Prince's people interrogated him further. The Prince's interrogation "team" discovered that this is not Belial's Brood (thankfully); nonetheless, Sheriff Eric reported that Prince is not cool with summoning mystical spirits in her city that might cause her problems and has asked the group to investigate in earnest.

2. Ivan Ibn Amar (Anthony), a relatively old kindred in the banking business, left his night-time foreign securities markets trading job for the evening, going to his favored dive, Rosemarie's Bar in east Williamsburg. He was nearly starved and as an old vampire was especially ravenous. He arrived at the bar where young neonate vampire Shannon (Ying) was mixing with the local (drunk) artists scene. Upon arriving, Ivan felt Shannon's presence and lost control (i.e., he botched his predator's taint roll) and immediately entered anger frenzy, pushing and throwing the mortal patrons out of his way as he rampaged towards Shannon. After being thrown to the ground, Shannon used her mystic power (Celerity) to speed herself out of the bar escaped Ivan with relative ease. Ivan meanwhile, his quarry gone, took out his remaining anger on the other mortals in the area, storming out of the bar, nearly flipping over a taxi cab and throwing one man violently against a wall. At least 30 mortal witnesses were at the scene, about half of those with camera phones who recorded the entire sequence of events. After finally regaining his self-control, Ivan left the scene with a young goth-girl admirer in a cab and went back to his penthouse apartment in Midtown Manhattan. At the close of the night, the Prince's Sheriff Lilly Liles stormed Ivan's apartment with a half-dozen hounds, staked him, and brought him back to elysium. The next night, Ivan was brought before the Prince's Bench (the elysium court) where he was charged with willful and egregious breach of the Masquerade. One of the phone camera recordings was produced, as was Jenine, a mortal witness who's mind and aura (and shirt) were mystically scrutinized by Arthur, Eleazar, Owen, and Marc. They all confirmed that Ivan had committed the breach but also that he was frenzied at the time because of the predator's taint. Genevieve took the punishment to a vote of the court. Ivan was granted mercy and allowed to (un)live; however, he was sentenced to to be bound by the vinculum to Eleazar (who volunteered himself for the responsibility). Ivan was by the Prince's decree bound in Sanguinary Coverture to Eleazar for the duration of the blood-bond; he was ordered to be held at elysium for three nights until the vinculum was completely consummated.

3. Shannon (Ying) fled the scene of Ivan's frenzy until she arrived in Fort Greene, shaken but otherwise unharmed. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched by Void (aka Morris Lantern; Dave) who observed her utilizing her mystic swiftness and then seeing a number of crazily frightened mortals run screaming by (yelling things like "Oh my god!! Did you f**ing see that?? He had fangs!! He nearly flipped over that cab!! That was some crazy shit!!"). He initially paid the scene no mind. And since Void was hungry, he used his mystic arts (Obfuscate) to lure one of the fleeing mortals into an alley to feed. Shannon kept walking towards the train she needed to take to Bensonhurst and Void followed her, remaining mystically concealed. Unfortunately for Shannon, a prowling gang happened upon her threatening to harm her if she didn't turn over her belongings. She fled, weaving between the streets and finally chancing upon the local Brooklyn NYPD precinct. The gang broke off their pursuit but unfortunately the sun was already well on its way to breaking over the horizon. Void, who had followed Shannon the whole time, took shelter in the nearby Dekalb Ave. Station. Just as Shannon began burning under the sun's rays, one of Prince Genevieve's sheriff's pulled around in a black sedan and ushered her to elysium.
Void (Dave) meanwhile, having entered the subway system, took refuge in the R train tunnel between Dekalb Ave. and Jay St.-Metrotech (formerly Lawrence St.). His mystic senses however alerted him to the presence of mortals somewhere far away form him and a pervasive magical imprint on the entire tunnel network, described only as a 'rainbow' like myriad sparkle. When he awoke the next evening, as he was foraging for sustenance, four "mortals" with unusually vibrant spiritual energies approached Void who, though still under cloak of night, was still somehow rousing their awareness. The session ended with the group calling out him, "We know you're he-ere... Might as well come ou-ut... Blood suckers don't long in *our* tunnels, hahaha..."

4. At the close of elysium, Arthur (Christian), Eleazar (Mike), Owen (Russell), Shannon (Ying), Marc (Chris D), and Komiko (Cam) met together in the hallway of elysium. Marc and Komiko were addressed privately by Seneschal Ariel who asked them to supervise Eleazar and Ivan, as well as the rest of the group on their tasks for the Prince. The group dispersed with Marc leaving to feed and Owen and Eleazar traveling into the city to collect items to be used in mystic rituals against the demonic cult; Belden, Shannon, and Komiko accompanied. On the train to Harlem, a rolling blackout traveld through the train and deposited a sealed envelope into Eleazar's hands addressed to him in Hebrew and which read: "Miss Nyx wishes to meet you. Be on the 2 at half past midnight the eve of the next full moon," to which was affixed a dried, blackened white rose. At the end of the session, Owen had led the group to Miss Cleo's Voodoun Curios on 125th Street where they purchased a little over $1,000 worth of reagents (pure salts, young ram's blood, chicken feet, highly refined and pure oils, etc.) and other items (a pack of Cuban cigars and several bottles of Dominican rum and a black rooster). Komiko fitted the bill for Owen and Eleazar (possibly with ulterior motives...).

5. Belden (Ashley) took down some contacts from Eleazar and decided to poll her book author acquaintances to see if any of them have any information about demonic summoning cults, the demon Nihasa-Nina, and how to counter demonic influences as well as other general occult information...
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