** Story Recap ** Session 5 (April 17th)

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** Story Recap ** Session 5 (April 17th)

Post  Story "the Fray" Teller on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:43 pm

Fewer players this time so a few people were NPC'd (i.e., Kamiko and Arthur).

Plot: Continuing from last time, the group found itself investigating what happened after a bomb apparently exploded on a floor proximate to Elysium's location.

Eleazar led Belden, Owen, and Shannon to the 38th floor where they discovered that the bomb had apparently actually gone off one floor above where they previously thought. The 38th floor was pretty the worse for wear nonetheless with structural, fire, and water damage throughout. The first group was joined by Det. Max Price of the NYPD leading two firefighter ghouls with him. The combined group explored the floor which contained half a dozen penthouse-sized apartments and two businesses. Exploring one of the suites, the group discovered, much to its astonishment, that it was one of the residences (or lovenests) of the now-deceased former Governor Eliot Spitzer (and his young lover of the evening)! Upon hearing this, Kamiko warned the group to use all deliberate discretion when they exited, lest they draw what was soon to be a media circus to their attention. Shannon and Eleazar grabbed a few useful personal items and explored the rest of the floor. Max sent the two firefighters off to reconnoiter the other apartments and 'take care of' any kindred they came across. The group then made its way into the offices, one of an export company and the other of a law office. In the former, Eleazar discovered a curious symbol on a piece of letterhead: A carduceus overlayed with a horned, bearded man wearing a laurel wreath accompanied by the letters "T.C.G." In the law office, the group discovered a woman trapped by a piece of collapsed ceiling (which the combined strength of three of them was able to remove safely).

The group then explored the 39th floor, on which they found little remaining but scorched walls and ash (although it was determined that whoever set the bomb knew what they were doing when they placed it). Despite their best efforts however they were unable to reach the 40th floor, where they presumed Elysium to be; the elevator shaft had no doors reaching that floor and the stairs bypassed it, jumping straight from 40 to 43.

Meanwhile, Morris Lantern (aka Void), previously rendered torpid by Eleazar et al. and en route to the morgue, was awakened by the blood of his sire, who shared a few words with him and then, using some kind of mystical rite, took the brunt of Void's wounds upon himself. Void was sent on his way with instructions to canvas the scene of the scene of the bomb and follow the group of vampires he had previously encountered.

It didn't take long for Kamiko to contact the group with startling news: Elysium was in fact intact, sheltered from the bomb blast somehow (Eleazar discovered evidence of a solid steel frame above the 39th floor ceiling). She ushered the group down out of the building and led the group through the parking garage up to a smiling and impressed Prince (who lauded them for their alacrity in reaching the scene and attempting to help). Having tracked the group under Cloak of Night, Void's mystical obfuscation was broken as he rode in the elevator up to Elysium, leading to a tense but surprisingly non-violent round of introductions. Void was present with the rest of the group at Elysium and made his formal introductions to the Prince.

Following the failed attack, Prince Genevieve declared a majlis--the kindred equivalent of a war-time meeting of generals--calling all of the other 'princes' of New York City's boroughs together the following night at the agreed upon neutral location: A club called "Crimson" on 21st and Broadway behind the Flatiron building.

Shannon, as a next step, decided to try to make use of several photos she had taken of Spitzer and company, seeing if she could attract the attention of any major news outlets. She was able to pique the interest of Telemundo and met with a representative; unfortunately, she wasn't able to broker a workable deal and continues to look for a possible outlet for the valuable evidence she gathered.

Void decided it would be a good idea to pack some heat so he headed up to Harlem to ripoff a local weapons store. He made out with an overstuffed duffle bag of pistols, shotguns, semi-autos, a crossbow, a grenade launcher, and a sh*tload of ammo.

All the while, Arthur Jones had continued to track the mysterious, mystically concealed group of interlopers from the scene of the bombing all way to the Lower East Side where he observed them entering a building facing the Williamsburg Bridge on the west side of several housing projects. He relayed his findings to the group; Max decided to head to the area--which happened to be within his precinct--and query his local underground contacts for information. Russell, feeling bold, concealed himself in shadows and is attempting to enter the building to discover what lies within...

And that's where we are!
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